I’d like to thank those who helped make this book part of reality (how cool is it I actually have people to thank at the end of a book? And how stupid is it that I’m excited by this? 🙂

My brother, my first ever reader as well as my military advisor. The fact that he liked the draft kept me writing.

My dad whose OCD came in very useful as an advising editor! Thanks so much for the hours you spent on all the small details, fixing up my spelling and grammer! (misspelled this on purpose to make you laugh)

My sister for reading her first ever sci fi book and giving her two cents on the cover too.

My mom who despite all our differences has learnt to accept me, it couldn’t have been easy.

Lily, her amazing writing skills and short recommendations were enough to change the whole opening of the book and more.

Sagiv, without him I’d never have passed my class in advanced quantum mechanics experiments. The fact that he liked the story means a lot. The fact that he found very funny discrepancies in the story line means you (hopefully) won’t.

Shiri Faingold, the model and photographer of photo on the cover which I was on the wall of my room for years. Check out some of her photos!

Harley Bell, the cover designer, (and the background image for this site) whose art I fell in love with at the kiwi burn festival. Check out his gallery!

All of you who took the time to read my draft, who followed all the links, advised on the cover. I’m a strong follower of the hive mind intelligence so be sure your input is in here.

You! Whoever you are. I hope you read the book and it isn’t a complete waste of time. Then again, time is meant to be wasted. I’m sending this book out there for free, based on the Contrib economics I support. If you want to Contrib something back or just want to check in to see what I am up to feel free to contact me  I also don’t have any marketing budget so if you liked the book please share it with friends.